AAL employees over 50

Dear American Airlines Pilots and FAs,   If you are over 50 years old, you will want to pay attention to this. It has come to our attention that the there was a small hiccup in the transition between JP Morgan and Fidelity as it relates to your 401k plan. It only affects those participants [read more]

Important Update – AAL Equity Stake

Dear AAL Employee,   It seems there may be some good news regarding the previously distributed Equity Stake in AAL stock.  As you are probably aware, the equity stake had originally been treated as a TAXABLE distribution.  Although, much discussion occurred at the time about the potential for it to be rolled directly into a [read more]

Asked & Answered: Pension Termination

11/18/2014   Brian from Bethesda, MD:   My company Pension is being terminated and I need to make a decision about how to receive my benefit.  Should I choose to take the lump sum or the annuity?   Friedenthal Financial:   Brian,   That’s a great question, and one that we hear frequently.  You may [read more]

Asked & Answered: Debt Ceiling Crisis

10/9/2013   Michelle from Minneapolis:   What is the Debt Ceiling and what is the big deal about reaching it?   Friedenthal Financial:   Michelle,   Certainly a popular question these days!  The debt ceiling is simply the maximum amount that the US can borrow at one time (currently $16.7 Trillion).  In each fiscal year, [read more]

Asked & Answered: Zero Inflation?

9/18/2013   Douglas from Detroit, MI:   Why does the Federal Reserve target 2% inflation?  Why not target zero inflation?   Friedenthal Financial:   Douglas,   That’s a great question, without a purely objective and scientific answer.  However, the most elegant explanation of which we are aware is as follows.   Historical evidence suggests that [read more]

Asked & Answered: ETFs vs Mutual Funds

June 7, 2012 Stacy from Sedona, AZ:   What is the difference between an ETF and a Mutual Fund?   Friedenthal Financial:   There are a number of similarities, as well as some pronounced differences.  We’ll highlight both below, as well as differences to ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes).   The primary similarity, which makes all [read more]

Asked & Answered: Handling an Inherited IRA

March, 29 2012   Bradley from Biloxi, MS:   I recently inherited an IRA, but I’m under 70 ½.  Do I still need to take distributions?   Friedenthal Financial:   It’s a good question that contains some potential tax consequences.  We remind you that we are not accountants and don’t provide tax advice.  It is [read more]