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Asked & Answered: Pension Termination

11/18/2014   Brian from Bethesda, MD:   My company Pension is being terminated and I need to make a decision about how to receive my benefit.  Should I choose to take the lump sum or the annuity?   Friedenthal Financial:   Brian,   That’s a great question, and one that we hear frequently.  You may [read more]

Asked & Answered: Debt Ceiling Crisis

10/9/2013   Michelle from Minneapolis:   What is the Debt Ceiling and what is the big deal about reaching it?   Friedenthal Financial:   Michelle,   Certainly a popular question these days!  The debt ceiling is simply the maximum amount that the US can borrow at one time (currently $16.7 Trillion).  In each fiscal year, [read more]

Asked & Answered: Zero Inflation?

9/18/2013   Douglas from Detroit, MI:   Why does the Federal Reserve target 2% inflation?  Why not target zero inflation?   Friedenthal Financial:   Douglas,   That’s a great question, without a purely objective and scientific answer.  However, the most elegant explanation of which we are aware is as follows.   Historical evidence suggests that [read more]

Asked & Answered: ETFs vs Mutual Funds

June 7, 2012 Stacy from Sedona, AZ:   What is the difference between an ETF and a Mutual Fund?   Friedenthal Financial:   There are a number of similarities, as well as some pronounced differences.  We’ll highlight both below, as well as differences to ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes).   The primary similarity, which makes all [read more]

Asked & Answered: Handling an Inherited IRA

March, 29 2012   Bradley from Biloxi, MS:   I recently inherited an IRA, but I’m under 70 ½.  Do I still need to take distributions?   Friedenthal Financial:   It’s a good question that contains some potential tax consequences.  We remind you that we are not accountants and don’t provide tax advice.  It is [read more]

Asked & Answered: Should I roll my 401k into an IRA?

March 1, 2012   Wesley from Williamsburg, VA:   I’m 61 years old, but still planning on working another 5 years.  Should I roll my current 401k into an IRA or leave it where it is?   Friedenthal Financial:   It’s a very good question.  As usual, the answer depends on a few factors, which [read more]

Asked & Answered: Target Date Funds

1/26/2012   Neil from Narberth, PA:   Should I just put my 401k in a Target Date Fund?   Friedenthal Financial:   Great question! The two primary factors to consider are risk level and cost. While the concept of a Target Date Fund (based on your anticipated retirement date) is appealing, it presumes that everyone [read more]