Comprehensive Risk Tolerance Assessment – $500

How much RISK should you be taking?


A primary objective of investment management is to optimize returns relative to a tolerable level of risk.  It is impossible to invest wisely without first understanding your ability and willingness to take risk.  Assets, savings rate, expenses, capital expenditures, retirement horizon, and personality are all key components in determining the desired balance of risk and expected returns.

Friedenthal Financial uses the industry leading Risk Tolerance Assessment tool, Tolerisk®, to help you choose the right balance of risk and reward so you can best achieve your financial goals.  Tolerisk® quantifies an investor’s ABILITY to take investment risk by analyzing anticipated cash-flows in and out of their portfolio over time. Their ABILITY is then combined with a quantified WILLINGNESS (personality) for risk in a scientific manner. The result is a range of numerical stocks/bonds benchmarks that are clear, specific, and implementable.

We feel that by making risk tolerance understandable and as scientific as it can possibly be, our clients will be more confident and committed to our process.

401k/403b Plan Analysis/Recommendation – $500

Are you getting the most from your retirement plan?


A retirement plan can be a wonderful vehicle to allow people to maximize the value of their savings and prepare for the income they’ll need in retirement.  Unfortunately, most plan participants don’t feel they are getting expert, unbiased advice on what to select from within their plan.

With our 401k/403b Review we provide the practical guidance to help you get the most out of your current retirement plan.  We measure statistical risk and correlation to ensure you get an optimal level of diversification and cost structure for your desired risk level.

Second Look Review (Portfolio Analysis/Recommendation) – $750

Could you benefit by getting a second opinion?


Are you happy with the investment advice you’ve been getting?  Do you know how much risk you are taking – or even how much you should be taking?  Do you really know how you are faring in today’s very volatile marketplace?  Do you know how your advisor is being compensated?

Friedenthal Financial can help you determine if you are well positioned to achieve your goals, or if there are opportunities for improvement with our Second Look Review.  We’ll measure your current risk profile, relative volatility, and the correlation of instruments in your portfolio to each other and to broader market benchmarks.  This analysis identifies portfolio redundancies as well as opportunities for improved diversification and reduced cost.

We’ll provide you with a detailed action plan to improve, manage, and maintain your portfolio.  This is all done for one low, flat fee.  You own the analysis and the plan of action.  You may implement it yourself, or with your broker or advisor.  There are no ongoing expenses.


Note: To include a 401k plan analysis to the Recommendation section of this report, an additional cost of $350 will be added for each plan.