Tolerisk® Risk Tolerance Assessment

Friedenthal Financial utilizes Tolerisk®, a comprehensive Risk Tolerance Assessment tool, to help guide our clients in making a decision about the most appropriate risk level for their investment portfolios. Tolerisk® uses a patent-pending process to analyze your Willingness and Ability to take investment risk and then combines them into a simple and actionable risk benchmark which is customized for you.

Before Friedenthal Financial makes any investments for a Portfolio Management client, we recommend that we complete a Tolerisk® Risk Assessment. Throughout our relationship with you, we will recommend that we revisit Tolerisk® on a regualr basis or as you get new information about your financial life.

You’ll be asked a series of questions which reflect both your personality and the chronology of your cash-flows. The results will be sent to Friedenthal Financial for review and discussion with you. In addition to your current Tolerisk® Score (risk benchmark), you’ll be able to see the key drivers of your Tolerisk® Score and how it evolves through time. You’ll also be able to estimate your probability of financial longevity, and your expected asset balances in the future.

To get a head start on your Risk Assessment, click the link below.