Friedenthal Financial Brochure - page 3

Life is very
than it used to be
It’s a new day.
The world we now live in is very complex, ever changing, and even downright
challenging. For most of us, the velocity and complexity of these “new realities”
we all must confront can be a bit overwhelming.
Dynamic markets require dynamic investing approaches.
Our economy is very volatile and erratic. Markets the world over are now
hyper-connected. Traditional forms of investment management
are returning extremely low yields that make it difficult for
investors to achieve the returns they want – and need.
Our personal challenges
are greater than ever.
The cost of living is ever escalating.
Whether it’s a new car, paying for a college
education, or just buying basic everyday
items, everything we need always
seems to cost so much more than we
anticipated. On top of this, so much of
what we earn goes directly to taxes.
Retirement, today, comes with
its own unique set of challenges.
Longer life expectancies mean
running the risk you may not have
enough money to retire the way,
or when, you want. It’s possible
you may need to take care of
your parents in their senior years.
Perhaps worse yet, your children
may need to take care of you.
eliminate these worries.
prepare for life’s uncertainties.
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