Summary - As a Money Manager, Friedenthal Financial brings the best math, technology, and data to your company's 401k plan design and maintenance. We partner with premier Record-keepers and Custodians. Our transparent fees align all of our interests.
Our services include the following:

Plan Design and Monitoring

  • We create a broadly diversified selection of low-cost, transparent mutual funds.
  • Our Portfolio Management Team monitors and maintains fund selection.
  • Friedenthal Financial serves as Fiduciary (alongside Plan Trustee) under ERISA Section 3(21).
  • A Comprehensive Investment Policy Statement is prepared for you.
  • We perform due diligence on TPA/Record-keepers and Custodians, to select a strong partner for us both.
  • Plan fund choices are combined into selectable model portfolios based on various granular risk levels designed to achieve superior diversification and targeted risk profiles.
  • Educational materials display useful statistics on each model portfolio including aggregate cost, historical relative volatility and current dividend yield.

Plan Participant Education

  • Periodic presentations are delivered to employees on risk tolerance and proper portfolio selection.
  • We provide a risk worksheet to help participants gauge their risk tolerance.
  • Supplemental educational materials are distributed, including digital media.


  • We facilitate an easy transition to new plans by mapping current plan assets to nearest new plan proxy.
  • A Qualified Default Investment Allocation (QDIA) is provided for participants who have not yet selected a new contribution allocation.
  • Plan participants are educated on new plan choices and the selection process.