Our investment process is intently focused on you.


Choosing the right organization to manage your assets is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your options are almost endless – but not everyone who wants to manage your assets has the skills, qualifications, or proper incentives to do so objectively. Here is what makes Friedenthal Financial the right choice.


  1. We are singularly focused on wealth management. We do not underwrite securities, make loans, or sell insurance products.
  2. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we serve as a fiduciary with a legal obligation to act in your best interests at all times. (Stockbrokers and insurance agents are not RIAs and are held to less stringent standards.)
  3. We help you measure your ABILITY and WILLINGNESS to take investment risk using our advanced Risk Tolerance Assessment. It is an exercise that we undergo with you as frequently as your changing circumstances warrant. You should understand what drives your risk tolerance so you can appreciate how it may evolve throughout your life. As a result, you will make educated, informed, and measured decisions about the appropriate risk directive for your assets.
  4. Our management team is led by Chief Investment Officer, Mark Friedenthal, who has been managing institutional risk since 1995. His experience includes management and oversight of tens of billions of dollars for notable institutions such as GE Capital, Cendant, and Citigroup. Rarely do small businesses and individual investors have direct access to an individual with Mr. Friedenthal’s level of institutional risk management experience.
  5. Your portfolio is tailored to your specific needs, circumstances, and risk tolerance. It is constantly reviewed and maintained to achieve your ongoing goals.
  6. Our highly mathematical approach to asset management eliminates the emotional factors that plague so many investors.
  7. Ongoing education and communication are critical to the client services we provide. When you work with us, you’ll find we are never out of touch. Our advice and our level of service are second to none.
  8. To prevent fraud and ensure all proper procedural safeguards are in place, we utilize an independent custodian who holds each client’s funds in separate accounts. All individual transaction confirmations will be emailed directly to you by your custodian. All client portfolios are 100% transparent. You’ll always know exactly in what you are invested.
  9. You will have full access to your individual account at any time. You will also receive monthly account statements directly from your independent custodian. (You can even fire us at any time by contacting your custodian directly.)
  10. Our trade execution is conducted in institutional blocks with full discretion. This ensures not only operational efficiency, but more importantly, every client receives the same timing and pricing on their transactions. This includes all partners and staff at Friedenthal Financial. We own the same investments that we hold for our clients.
  11. Unlike most RIAs, we separate the Sales & Client Relationship Management from Portfolio Management functions to ensure complete integrity. Clients have direct access to both their Client Relationship Manager as well as our Portfolio Management Team.
  12. At every juncture we seek to place ourselves in your shoes and to advise you accordingly. This philosophy is the basis of our business model.