AAL employees over 50

Dear American Airlines Pilots and FAs,   If you are over 50 years old, you will want to pay attention to this. It has come to our attention that the there was a small hiccup in the transition between JP Morgan and Fidelity as it relates to your 401k plan. It only affects those participants [read more]

Important Update – AAL Equity Stake

Dear AAL Employee,   It seems there may be some good news regarding the previously distributed Equity Stake in AAL stock.  As you are probably aware, the equity stake had originally been treated as a TAXABLE distribution.  Although, much discussion occurred at the time about the potential for it to be rolled directly into a [read more]

Asked & Answered: Hedging Employer Stock

September 8, 2010   Sam from Scarsdale, NY writes:   I own a lot of shares in my employer’s stock.  I have friends who have lost a lot of money in bad situations and I have some concerns.  Is there anything I should do?    Friedenthal Financial:   First, separate the vested stock from the shares [read more]

Asked & Answered: Saving for Retirement

August 11, 2010    Bernard from Birmingham, AL writes:   I can’t seem to save well enough for retirement.  Any suggestions?   Friedenthal Financial:   Bernard,   The typical advice given to answer your question is to examine your expenses and prioritize those that are most important.  In other words, find a way to cut your [read more]

Asked & Answered: Buy & Hold vs Rebalancing

July 20, 2010   Harold from E. Hampton, NY writes:   Is “buy and hold” the best strategy?  I have heard conflicting perspectives.  What do you think?   Friedenthal Financial:   Good question!  There has been a lot of research suggesting that active management rarely beats the broader indexes (buy-and-hold) when all expenses are incorporated.  [read more]

Asked & Answered: Security Location

June 21st, 2010   Victor from Voorhees, NJ writes:   I have a brokerage account as well as an IRA.  How do I know which investments to put in which account?  Does it make a difference?   Friedenthal Financial:   Victor,   You raise an excellent point!  The short answer is that for most investors it absolutely [read more]

Asked & Answered: Rethinking Your Portfolio

June 3, 2010   Paul from Piscataway, NJ writes:   Like many of my friends, I sold my stocks after the market cratered because I could not stand to lose anymore.  The market rebounded so quickly, I feel like it got away from me.  Most of my investment dollars are still sitting in cash earning next [read more]

Asked & Answered: Inflation

May 5, 2010   Marjorie from Allentown, PA writes:   I think we are facing a period of much higher inflation.  Should I move my investments in to gold to protect myself?   Friedenthal Financial:    Marjorie,   Firstly, kudos for thinking about inflation when assessing your investment needs.  All too often people only think about [read more]